MALEntines Day Gift Sets

MALEntines Day Gift Boxes

Do you struggle with what to get your Guy for Valentines day? Need something to show your love… but Flowers and a box of candy aren’t exactly manly…  Give something he will truly LOVE… Legendary Super Sauce. Gift boxes can be customized below…

How much more manly can you get than giving a gift in an Ammo Box? Something unique … and actually able to be reused.

Decide what you would like to fill the ammo box with… Start with your sauce…

The box will fit 2 full sized bottles with some glassware.. or 3 bottles.
The sample bottles can fit all 6 flavors… Sample bottles are $3 each ($5 for Misery)… or a Sample Variety Pack for $18.

Next pick if you would like to add some Glassware.

Nice quality etched Pint or Bourbon Glasses…

Sublimated Coffee Cups or Shot Glasses… Choose your design(s)/ Color(s)


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