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Yes, it’s just not labeled that way because it’s expensive to get “certification” from the FDA

Yes, it’s just not labeled that way because it’s expensive to get “certification” from the FDA

Yes… The Legendary Sauces have been resurrected… hence the name

That is such a relative Term… where do you live? They are made in small batches by a family run business in Bath NY

I don’t throw around the “L” word casually… when I say it I mean it… how dare you?!

Who am I Betty Crocker? Experiment on your own you can’t go wrong with putting this stuff

on anything! How could I possibly put a limit on your imagination? That being said, I post recipes on Facebook all the time

Do you really think that’s going to be an issue? As unlikely as it will be that you will have it for long, as long as you refrigerate it there is no expiration date that the scientist at Cornell have found.

To avoid contaminating sauce, never place dirty or used utensils into the bottle and do not pour used sauce back into the bottle.

Such a random question that has nothing to do with Sauce… but it’s Bismarck

Generally, you should baste foods during last 5-10 minutes of barbecuing or broiling with Legendary Super Sauce Barbecue and Mustard Sauces, as sauce may burn at high temperatures

Ask for a manager because it’s unacceptable! Just kidding… you can just send me a message of a store that should carry it and I’ll see what I can do about getting it in there. You can always help open the door though by letting them know they should carry it.

Yes… I ship all over the United States. Orders outside the US, I will have to do more research.

Order by going Here

New Stores being added so it might not be as up to date as it could be but I try…. 


Where to Find Super Sauce?

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